Skin cancer is a disease of the body’s skin cells.

Skin cancer develops when the cells which make up our skin are damaged and grow abnormally.

Each year in Australia around 2000 people die from skin cancer, yet most skin cancers are preventable, and the majority of skin cancers can be successfully treated if found early.

Skin Check

Our experienced skin cancer doctor will take 15-20 minutes for a full skin check depending on your skin type. To thoroughly screen, the doctor will need to examine all area that has been exposed to the sun and will ask to undress apart from your underwear. Ladies are asked not to wear makeup.


We use D2000EVO camera for whole body macroscopic and microscopic images and delta20 plus handheld dermascope to detect skin cancer and monitor moles.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Skin cancer is diagnosed by skin examination and biopsy. The treatment choice will depend on your age and general health, the type and size of cancer where it is in your body and what you want.

Our Doctors offer the most common way to treat skin cancer such as surgery, cryotherapy, use of topical chemotherapy, curettage and cautery as appropriate.


All skin cancer consultation and procedure are bulk billed

Non-skin cancer/Cosmetics procedures such as cyst, benign mole, etc excision may cost out of pocket. The actual amount will depend on the complexity of the work being done.

DVA gold cardholders will be bulk billed for all procedure.

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